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BETTY BEDFORD: Something to Stalk About (Reboot)

August 31, 2013

A man wants to rescue Betty. He wants to take care of her, buy her things, love her, squeeze her, drug her, and then hide the body. At least, that’s how it appears when Betty returns home one evening to find a stranger waiting for her on the doorstep. Read more…

Revisit Episode 3: ‘No Longer Listed as Married’ – The Perfect Rebound

April 8, 2013

Illustrated by Lyouba Assadourova (

My outlook on life had changed. My impatience for progress in everything I pursued had not.

So. too impatient to wait for Rebound to call me, I went to the internet.

After he accepted my facebook friend request, Betty Burn and I immediately logged on to stalk his page, and what did we find? Just below the line “Rebound is now friends with Betty Bedford” was a relationship status change:

“Rebound is no longer listed as ‘married’”

Burn and I turned to each other: “Perfect!” Read more…

“Otherwise Known As” Top 10: Worst Places To Lose Your Virginity

April 1, 2013

Read more…

Pepe et le Puke

March 25, 2013

I met Pepe, the Frenchman, during my short stint in New York City between marriages. Read more…

Betty Bedford’s NYC Debut – The Hunt for Rebound

March 17, 2013

I had filed for divorce from England the day before I flew back to New York City. After months of mind-fucking and despair, one statement had awoken me from my nightmare, and it was this

“Know your worth!”

My conclusion: I’m young, smart, pretty, funny, special, and totally fuckable. I wanted, and deserved, to be treated that way by men.

So plane now landed, and with only three, completely stuffed suitcases but no ‘baggage’ to my name, I was planning to land something of my own: The Perfect Rebound. Read more…

BETTY BEDFORD Episode 39: Turkey

September 1, 2012

Bedford takes a month off from dating, so of course, she is tricked into going on a blind date. Read more…

How to couch-surf on celebrity couches

August 18, 2012

Hint- you might have to already know a celebrity, work in the entertainment industry, and/or sell your couch-surfing as a way to get the celebrity publicity. But damn—What a great idea!

Mark Malkoff, a former Colbert Report staffer, asked, and look at all the fun he had having sleep-overs with celebrities!

Don’t let your lack of connections discourage you. Because of modern technology, the world is ‘smaller’, and you probably are already a degree or two away from being Facebook friends with a celebrity.

Right now I’m daydreaming about supplementing my income by asking celebrities to help me eat like they do by buying my groceries for a week or asking them to play match-maker for me by sending me on dates with their rich, single friends, or switching lives for a week so I can vacation in style. Read Mark’s story in Glamour at the link provided while I scroll through mutual friends lists on Facebook…  Read more…


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